Top 2020 Tik Tok Makeup Trends

One of the hottest new social media outlets where young people hang out is Tik Tok.

It has gotten so much more popular in the past year and continues to grow every day.

I have joined the ranks of happy Tik Tok users and love to spend my free time swiping tapping and checking out all the latest makeup trends and cosmetic techniques.

Some of them are so imaginative I can hardly believe my eyes.

The people who post these makeup tutorials and stylish examples frequently get a lot of followers eager to see what's next.

The hottest makeup trends on Tik Tok in 2020 include the following ideas.

Full Transformation With Makeup

Both young women and men are giving themselves unique and amazing makeover transformations that turn them from the everyday into the truly magnificent.

On Tik Tok, it's all about grabbing attention and satisfying viewer curiosity.

That is why these full transformations bring huge results.

They give strong visual impact, include a lot of different makeup products and techniques, and truly have the wow factor.

Check out Tik Tok videos that show the full techniques to go from a plain face and hands to an artistic experience.

Many of these videos have the person covering their face with their hands and then quickly revealing their new look for amazing contrast.

You can make these kinds of videos too.

Think about all the possibilities.

You can start out with natural makeup but then add false eyelashes and bold colors for a shocking revelation.

Eye Shadow in Blue is the Hottest Color

After years of shying away from blue eye makeup, it has come back in a big way for 2020.

Tik Tok videos shows a right way to use blue eye shadow and eyeliner for maximum impact and trendy style.

Too many people remember of the baby blues or plane sweeps of color that their parents might have worn back in the 1980s or 1990s, but modern cosmetic applications go far beyond these unflattering ideas.

Well known makeup expert Kelsey Dena has declared that blue is the color to watch for 2020 when it comes to eye makeup especially.

Tik Tok is showcasing some of the best blue makeup options on the market today.

This is not about vintage style or trying to re-create an older look that used to be popular.

Instead, it is about choosing bold colors like royal blue, vibrant peacock, or cobalt to create high drama and fresh fashions.

Blue can be mysterious and deep and highly dramatic for evening makeup looks, but it can also be fun and carefree for the perfect daytime style.

I recommend and cat's eye lashes for the best overall results.

These have shorter lashes on the edges and longer ones in the center for a brighter and more wide-open look.

Stark White Eyeliner

This dramatic and shocking trend for 2020 is all over Tik Tok and other social media platforms.

While using white eyeliner on your water line has been popular for a few years to make your eyes seem bigger and brighter, makeup mavens are now using it more extensively on the top lid and the lower lash line, too.

It gives a wide-eyed cute look that goes with a lot of different types of personal style.

To go well with white eyeliner, natural eyelashes work for a delicate appearance, but big and bold ones are a great option if you prefer to look a bit more doll-like and adorable.

Tik Tok is a must-visit spot if you want to learn about all the latest trends of makeup use and cosmetic products.

Young people from all around the world are flocking to this platform to learn about what is in style, new ideas they have not thought of before, and to get inspiration for their own experiments.

Not only can you get great information here, but you can become a Tik Tok video maker yourself.

Share your surprising and unique ideas with a huge audience every day.