Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial for Hot Weather Beauty

As the steamy summer begins, your thoughts may turn to hot sand and surf at the beach, cooling breezes in the evening, and plenty of fun outdoors no matter where you live. To look your best in the hot weather, consider this summer glow makeup style that looks great on any woman.

Before you enjoy these step-by-step instructions, take a moment to understand the specific details that make this look so great. To keep your cool in the hot summer, start with a lightweight and transparent makeup base. Create a natural glow with lipstick in a warm nude shade, and finish up with light eye makeup that adds just enough style to look your prettiest. Summer isn't it time for heavy and dark makeup, after all. Keep things light, fresh, and beautiful.

1 – Primer

To give yourself a real summertime glow, choose a primer with tiny specks of sparkle or shimmer in it. One popular brand is Dior's backstage foundation. Use only a light application so you feel as comfortable as possible in the summer. When you might sweat a bit and your face could get a bit oily over the course of the day, the last thing you want is heavy and hot makeup. Blend well over your whole face and neck.

2 – Concealer

With NARS radiant creamy concealer, you can hide a lot of imperfections. Just because you want to have fun in the sun and the surf does not mean you should compromise on appearance. This is a long-lasting concealer that works great under your eyes and onto your cheekbones or anywhere else you need a touch of brightness added to your look

3 – Shadows

In order to make your face look more contoured and trimmer, consider using repair powder to create shadows in the hollows of your cheeks, at your hairline, and along the sides of your nose. Use only a small amount with a large fluffy brush to get a more natural appearance. Summertime is not the right season to use heavy makeup application. You only want to add a hint of definition to look your very best.

4 – Highlights

Where is the sun likely to hit you on a beautiful day at the beach? If you brighten up these spots on your face, you will end up looking fresher, livelier, and more beautiful than ever before. Gently brush highlight on the center of your nose, the middle of your forehead above your eyebrows, and on your chin.

5 – Eye Shadow

For a pretty summertime daylight look, choose a warm taupe or brown that complements your natural skin tone. Create a subdued, dusty effect that augments your natural beauty. If you would like, consider a shimmering gold accent near your brow bone.

6 – False Eyelashes

One cosmetic option that many women will not leave home without our false eyelashes. For a summer glow look, do not go for anything too big or bold. Save those for evening wear. Instead, choose a more natural lash look to accentuate the size and beauty of your eyes. Despite the simplicity, there are still many different shapes to choose from. Consider a subtle cat's-eye, a hybrid wispy look, or a layered lash line with tapered tips. No matter which you choose, make sure you apply them neatly or have a lash technician do it for you.

Click and check the links of false eyelashes I recommend for a natural look: CALLA, IRIS, SEATTLE.

7 – Lipstick

While every woman chooses her favorite lipstick shade, we think that a soft pink color works exceptionally well for the hot summer days. One great option is Dior's #263 color named Hasard for the middle part of your lips and Chanel's #804 gloss for a finishing shine.

 With just a few simple steps and some soft colors, you can get a beautiful summer glow makeup look with ease. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will try out the style as soon as the weather grows hot.