Easy Wear Magnetic Lashes: Simple and Beautiful Faux Style

You know you want the perfect eyelash style with lots of lush fullness but gluing on fake ones can be difficult to do right. Also, when your day is done and you want to clean up, pulling them off can irritate your skin or even remove some of your natural eyelashes. The answer is easy to wear magnetic lashes that are simple to apply and remove with no damage at all.

Magnetic lashes are an excellent way to where false ones without the usual difficulties and challenges. These are especially useful for women who have allergic reactions to the glue commonly used in the kits. Instead of messing around with multiple steps, they go on in literal seconds and can be taken off just as quickly. With all the different thicknesses, curl shapes, and styles available, you can find the perfect option for every day where, nighttime glamour, and high style for special occasions.

How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Instead of glue, magnetic eyelashes attach with… You guessed it, magnets! The artfully designed strip of lashes includes a thin magnet line that attaches to another one to hold them securely in place. With the help of a small plastic applicator tool, the two strips clamp around your natural lashes with ease.

Although they are very easy to put on and take off, that does not mean they will fall off in the middle of your dinner, business meeting, or a night out at the club. The latest and greatest products are designed to stay in place and give you the beautiful look you want without the risk.

Applying Magnet Eyelashes for the Best Look

One of the best things about magnetic eyelashes is how easy they are to apply. The most important first step is to choose a style that you really love. You can find ones that are relatively natural-looking that are suitable for wearing every day to your job, the shops, and to pick up the kids from school. They still help you look your best no matter what. Others are thicker and more dramatic. Because they are so simple to put on and take off, you can change your look depending on the events of the day and night.

Get your natural eyelashes ready by cleaning all the makeup off of them and curling them if desired. This is a good idea because it will help the magnet lash strip point in the right direction.

Apply mascara as you usually do to make your existing eyelashes thicker, darker, and stronger. Because you are layering the false eyelashes on top, you want to make them look as much like each other as possible for a more natural appearance.

Use the included applicator tool to position the magnetic strips one on each side, line them up around your natural lashes, and press them together gently so they connect and stay. It is also possible to use them without an applicator. You just need to line the strips carefully on either side of your natural lashes so they attach evenly.

Removing magnetic eyelashes at the end of the day is simple. Just grab them with your clean fingers or a tweezer and gently pull one strip away from the next to disengage the magnetic force.

Top 3 Benefits of Magnetic Lashes Over Conventional False Options

This new development in cosmetic false eyelashes gives women everywhere a wonderful way to get the look they want at home or at their local beauty salon. Magnetic lashes have some very real benefits over the more traditional types that include glue or adhesives. Read the following three advantages before making the decision about what is right for you.

1 – There are no glues to worry about or make a mess with. Even if you do not have an allergy to the types of glue used with false eyelashes and it causes no irritation, it can still be a bit messy and difficult to get in the perfect spot for the smoothest application. With magnetic lashes, you never have to worry about accidental drops or not enough glue to give your lashes the staying power you need.

2 – Easy do-it-yourself application makes magnetic lashes an excellent choice for women who do not have the expertise or steady hands necessary to use other types of fan or strip lashes effectively. It gets even easier with an applicator tool that lines up the magnetic strips in the perfect curve before you attach them.

3 – Taking off magnetic lashes at the end of the day is much easier unless potentially damaging than some other options. When the magnet strips detached from each other, there is no way for them to pull on your natural hair since they are only attracted to each other, unlike glue that sticks to everything.

Easy wear magnetic lashes give you plenty of style with ease-of-use and minimal problems. Altogether, they are an excellent option for women who love the look of lush and beautiful eyes.