How to Clean your False Lashes Properly ?


False lashes might be a drop in the bucket in the variety of cosmetics,so small that sometimes we ignored how important it could be to light the whole makeup up. Though all the cosmetics and serums are made to lengthen, plump, and volume our lashes, when it comes to compare with false lashes, the instant dramatic effect of wearing a pair of false lashes offered is something unbeatable. They make our eyes look bigger, more flirtatious and definitely command lots of attentions. Once you experience the amazing effect of extra fluffy lashes, it will be tough being satisfied with your typical makeup routine again.

Even though you might be a master of wearing fake lashes, they still require a proper care so that can prolong their lifetime of use. Mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow can all build up on fake lashes, making them clumpy and dirty - which in turn can be dangerous if you are using false lashes caked in makeup again on your eyes. So, below is the pretty simple four-step process to keep your eyes safe and bacteria-free, also complete the last step of being a true lash pro!  


Step 1. Prepare your area.

Grab everything you will need for cleaning. Paper towels, Micellar Cleansing Water(oil free), Q-tips, Tweezers and your lashes.

Step 2. Remove the glue.

Always start with any excess glue that is still on the lash band. Dip Q-tip into micellar water and saturate built up glue on lash band. Hold lash as close to band as possible and use your band to remove them. Or just grab a tweezer and gently pick them off.

Step 3. Clean the lashes.

Now, we come to the cute fluffy lash part. If you’ve applied a little mascara to your lashes while you had your false lashes on, coat a Q-tip with micellar water and gently rubbing it against the lashes, making sure you see all the mascara and glue as it comes off.

Step 4. Pat them dry.

When you’re drying, gently press down a paper towel onto the lashes, but not too hard, otherwise you might mess up the shape of the lash. The option of using cotton rounds is not really recommend since the material can pill off onto the lash, which can be super annoying to pick out.

Remember to keep the original box that you purchased so that you can keep them clean and in their perfect shape. Once you follow these four tips, just like that, you will have two good-as-new fake lashes ready for you to wear until next time.