Choose the Best Eyelashes for Different Shaped Eyes

The quest for the perfect pair of false eyelashes is filled with many options, some mistakes, and a lot of trial and error that may still leave you wondering how to look your very best every day. There are simply so many different styles, lengths, and shapes to choose from. The most important criteria for finding the ultimate pair of faux lashes perfect for you is your eye shape. If you pay attention to your natural look, you will have a much better chance of choosing eyelashes that complement your eyes instead of detracting from your own natural beauty and makeup styles.

Before thinking about different eyelash styles, you need to figure out the shape of your eyes. Looking at the following pictures and reading the descriptions can help you make the smartest choices for you.

What Do Your Eyes Look Like?

While everyone is different, there are really only six different eye shapes described in the beauty industry: monolid, round, almond, hooded, downturned, and upturned. Each one has its own unique beauty and deserves the perfect pair of eyelashes to accentuate it even more.

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1. Monolid Eye Shape

 Celebrities with round eyes: Devon Aoki and Lucy Liu

Most people who have monolid eye shape come from Asian ancestry. They do not tend to have a pronounced crease in their eyelid. They usually have straight eyelashes instead of ones that curve or point upward in any noticeable way.

Recommended false eyelashes should include longer pieces at the outside corners and an increasingly flared design to add shape to the overall eye look.



 2. Round Eye Shape

Celebrities with round eyes: Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

Round eyes are frequently larger than other shapes. You have a more pronounced outer and inner corner with a wider angle to attach faux eyelashes to. It helps to accentuate your eye shape with longer and wispy your lashes that open things up and balance the round shape with more attention on the corners. When you choose the higher volume and longer lengths, you can increase it near the outer edge for the perfect cat's eye look.


3. Almond Eye Shape

Celebrities with round eyes: Beyoncé and Eva Longoria

Wider eyes make it difficult to see the whites on top or below your iris. More people have almond-shaped eyes than any of the other options listed in this article. This gives you a huge range of false eyelashes to try depending on the final look you want. It makes sense to choose ones with a lot of volumes and longer lengths on the outer edge for a cat-eye or winged look. This is especially important if your eyes tend to be shorter from top to bottom than you would like.


4. Hooded Eye Shape

Celebrities with hooded eyes: Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence

A heavier upper eyelid above the crease creates a hood that can cover up the part of the eyelid closest to the upper lash line. This can make cosmetic application challenging in some cases, but you can still enjoy the look of false eyelashes to augment your natural beauty. Choose ones with longer lashes in the middle and shorter ones at the inner and outer corners. This helps open up your eyes and make them look rounder.

Dramatic: GEMINI, ARA

5. Downturned Eye Shape

Celebrities with hooded eyes: Anne Hathaway and Camilla Belle

Downturned refers to eyes with the outer corner lower than the horizontal midline. The inner corners are usually tilted upward in general. This can be a very subtle difference, but the right false lashes can help transform your eyes into perkier and wide-open beauties. Choose eyelashes with longer lengths at the outer edge to counteract the downturned corners. The extra volume also helps to create a more pronounced cat's eye look.


6. Upturned Eye Shape

Celebrities with hooded eyes: Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift

If the outer corners end above the horizontal midline, you have upturned shaped eyes. Some women prefer to accentuate the natural shape with longer or thicker lashes at the outside edge. Others would rather give the illusion of a rounder eye with a gradual increase in length that softens the dramatic effect. The options below are worth a look.


This guide should help you identify the natural shape of your eyes and choose eyelash products that will look best on you. In the end, it really comes down to the unique appearance you are going for and what lashes make you feel your most beautiful best. Remember that confidence is the most attractive quality of all. Have fun with different eyelash styles, try both natural and dramatic looks, and always celebrate your own unique beauty.